Passie op de M2

People and their passion. They make beautiful things at home. Often is their work not exhibited. By limited resources and space they do their passion on a few square meters. They don’t mind, it’s their passion. In episode 1, Erwin … Read More

Pinhole photography

Pinhole photography, also called lensless photography. After all, there is no lens in pinhole photography. You just expose the film through a pinhole. You don’t have to buy expensive lenses and you can build the camera yourself. The costs of … Read More

Analog digital combined

Analog and digital? Yes, a combination, where I create footage with homemade analog cameras and capture them with a digital camera.


    Please contact me if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Pinhole camera build

        Photo 10 – Glue two washers on top. Diameter of the opening is 8 mm. Use contrsuction or contact glue. Photo 11 – Drill a hole, 13 mm. in the middle of the bottom, not all … Read More

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